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We are digital natives and multi-talented coders, connected and passionate to learn and innovate. Our mission is to design and develop successful solutions and digital products.

Technology Services
New ideas require new tools, and we have the best available: we know that successful digital strategies begin with choosing the right tool for each job. 

Proprietary and Partner SaaS Platforms
Our experienced technology strategists work with our clients to set up and manage technical infrastructure and to ease new platforms into your existing designs.
And if the market doesn’t provide the necessary tools, we’re happy to roll up our sleeves and develop custom solutions tailored precisely for you.


Digital Health Application Framework

H.Core is an application framework built from foundations with security patterns that fosters development of software responding to the nominal security concerns of web platforms and services.


The exclusive gateway access to virtual events

Stream2MD is an online video platform that provides global end-to-end solutions connecting pharma companies with an audience of healthcare professionals and consumers.


Peer-to-peer knowledge, learning and experience sharing tool

Peer2Peer Community fosters collaboration between doctors through the sharing of clinical cases and daily clinical practice experiences or discussion around specific topics.


The Medical Affairs Communication Hub

Medical Hub puts the Medical Affair at the centre of a digital ecosystem, where communication, access to relevant content and engagement is facilitated through an integrated mix of digital tools and touchpoints.


Recruitment and data collection for clinical trials

Cloud services for clinical trials: Recruit subjects fast and easily. CliniScout allows to collect real-world evidence and quality-of-life data. It also smoothens and solidifies the communication between the site and subjects.



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Large Language Models: Revolutionizing Unstructured Data Analysis in Healthcare

In recent years, large language models have emerged as an innovative development in artificial intelligence technology and natural language processing, transforming countless fields.

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Embracing the Future: Empowering User Flow Ideation with AI

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Leveraging Data Science in R&D: Integrating Data Silos to Generate High-Value Insights

The opportunity for Data Science and Big Data in life sciences is particularly compelling within complex corporate environments that face an ever-growing volume and diversity of information.