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We are digital natives and multi-talented coders, connected and passionate to learn and innovate. Our mission is to design and develop successful solutions and digital products.

New ideas require new tools, and we have the best available: we know that successful digital strategies begin with choosing the right tool for each job. 

Our experienced technology strategists work with our clients to set up and manage technical infrastructure and to ease new platforms into your existing designs. And if the market doesn’t provide the necessary tools, we’re happy to roll up our sleeves and develop custom solutions tailored precisely for you.


30/03/2020 | BlogPost

In Italy, we are doing 10 years of digital health evolution in 10 days

In Italy, with lockdown proving to be effective, the most strategic usage of digital health solutions is the remote management of patients at home

29/03/2020 | BlogPost

The Mental Health pandemic right around the corner

The fires of the global Covid-19 pandemic are spreading at breakneck speeds around the world, and the toll that the virus is taking on people’s lives, the economies of continents, and society at large are nothing short of staggering.

10/03/2020 | BlogPost

Coronavirus: a tipping point for telemedicine

What we foresee, in this emergency time, is the rise of telemedicine and digital health tools to keep the so-called "worried well" from flooding hospitals.

19/12/2019 | BlogPost

Lifestyle as medicine

There’s nothing new about the idea that diet, exercise and other lifestyle factors impact our health and wellness. What’s new is leveraging digital technologies to help encourage us in those pursuits.