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We are digital natives and multi-talented coders, connected and passionate to learn and innovate. Our mission is to design and develop successful solutions and digital products.

New ideas require new tools, and we have the best available: we know that successful digital strategies begin with choosing the right tool for each job. 

Our experienced technology strategists work with our clients to set up and manage technical infrastructure and to ease new platforms into your existing designs. And if the market doesn’t provide the necessary tools, we’re happy to roll up our sleeves and develop custom solutions tailored precisely for you.


3/04/2019 | BlogPost

I spit in a tube

The tests are as simple as spitting into a tube or swabbing your cheek, but the fallout can be much more complicated.

4/03/2019 | BlogPost

A podcast dedicated to the digital transformation of healthcare

Listen to the interview with our CEO and Founder, Roberto Ascione, at the Italian National Radio 1 Rai

20/02/2019 | Point of view

Explainable AI and Autonomous Agents in healthcare

An interview with Gabriel Scali, Reckon Digital Healthware Group. AI/ML and Autonomous agents have the potential to create a highly automated, highly effective future for healthcare, but in order for them to do so, they must overcome big challenges that generally relate to issues of trust and accountability.

27/11/2018 | BlogPost

The European health innovation scene

To drive health innovation, connectivity and networking must be fostered between all stakeholders, from global life sciences companies to emerging start-ups