15/05/2023 | News & Events / News

What's the status of Nordic Clinical trials? Petteri Kolhemainen gives his insights in an interview with Nordic Life Science News


In this article, Howard Bennett from Nordic Life Science News interviews Anette Steenberg, CEO of Medicon Valley Alliance, Marianne Pilgaard, CEO of Trial Nation, and our Managing Director Nordics & Baltics Petteri Kolehmainen, about the challenges and strengths of clinical trials in the region.

Clinical trials play a crucial role in advancing medical research and bringing novel and innovative treatments to the market. The Nordic region is known for its strong life science research and development, as well as unique health data. Performing clinical trials in the region is not without its challenges, but these can be overcome through improved collaboration and new technologies.

"The countries in the region work under the same or similar regulations but interpret the legislation differently. There are minor differences between what ethical committees approve and what specific methods and technologies are currently allowed” - said Petteri.

The use of new technologies like decentralized trials, telemedicine, and virtual trials, can streamline the recruitment process, increase patient engagement and make it easier for people to participate while leveraging unique health data and expertise and also attracting future investments.

"The new technologies will help to speed up studies, save costs, and help find and keep the patients. More simply, the Nordics traditionally are very good with new technologies, this brings additional opportunities for us here", added Kolehmainen.

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