17/03/2020 | News & Events / News

The importance of telemedicine told by Roberto Ascione at Rai Radio 1


Our CEO and founder, Roberto Ascione, attended the afternoon radio meeting with the journalist Massimo Cerofolini on the Italian National Radio to tell how Digital Health is supporting both doctors and patients in this period of emergency for the coronavirus Covid-19.

"Thanks to telemedicine medical activities can be done remotely, reducing the risks of exposure, optimizing the time management of the disease and freeing the healthcare system from frequent and sometimes unnecessary inquiries" - said Roberto Ascione

In particular, he focused on the need for solidarity actions between institutions and the Italian innovation ecosystem. He then told how the paginemediche startup, which is part of our portfolio, launched the chatbot online in 48 hours (more details here) and made it available for local governments to use it for free. Roberto added also that more than 40 thousand users have already checked their symptoms, giving the opportunity to collect important data on the coronavirus outbreak that will be made available to the Italian Ministerial Task Force.


Listen to the podcast from 31m:56s here [ITALIAN ONLY]