29/10/2021 | News & Events / News

Tech2Doc, the Digital Health Training and Information Platform for Italian Doctors by ENPAM


The ENPAM Foundation (The Italian National Pension Fund for Doctors and Dentists) recently unveiled its Tech2Doc platform, built to provide training and information on innovation and new technologies to support medical practices.

We, at Healthware Group, are very proud of being Tech2Doc’s strategic partner in developing the project based on the four pillars of accessibility, guidance and practical support, continuous updating, and exchange and experimentation. Thanks to this valuable new digital ally, doctors and dentists can explore the opportunities of new digital technologies applied to health.

Tech2Doc was launched last October 21st during a hybrid event that took place at the new and impressive Museo Ninfeo. Realized jointly by the Soprintendenza Speciale of Rome and ENPAM, the new museum was created on an exceptional archaeological site, which came to light during the construction of the new auditorium in the headquarters of ENPAM.

Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, introduced the project by saying, "ENPAM is an essential element of the health ecosystem". Together with the "Interactive Map of Digital Health" it will be possible to navigate through the existing digital medicine tools and get a comprehensive overview of the most viable solutions.

Never before has the healthcare world seen the radical transformation and paradigm shifts that it is currently experiencing. Technological innovation has powered the modernization of the healthcare system and is capable of opening the door to a more equitable and accessible health future making the relationship between doctors, patients, institutions, and the territory an increasingly productive one.

The platform also supports medical professionals in increasing their digital skills, a concept that is particularly urgent based on the pandemic simultaneously highlighting the advantages of digital tools and the shortage of adequately trained health professionals to use them.

Tech2Doc changes that, and ENPAM members will also have the ability to access authoritative, emerging news and participate in events and CME courses to stay informed on the latest innovations and health discoveries.