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Roberto Ascione Speaks on Digital Health in Italy and More as a Sky TG24 Progress Guest

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On November 20th, Roberto Ascione, our CEO and founder, was invited to contribute to Progress, a SkyTG24 broadcasting program on politics, current affairs, and global public discussion. The innovation and digitalization of healthcare in Italy debate on was also attended by Andrea Costa, Undersecretary of Health.

"We need to perceive healthcare digitalization as the medium that strengthens the work of doctors by improving and supporting them in their patient care journeys, enabling us to overcome many of the limitations of our healthcare system, which is still one of the best in the world and could become a digital health leader as well," said Roberto.

The digitization of healthcare is a challenge that Italy can win thanks to the PNRR (Recovery Plan for Italy), shifting the focus towards scientific research, prevention, and patient care at home. It will not only boost the technological infrastructure, but also strengthen the relationship between doctor, medicine, and the patient.

You can watch the interview here [Italian only]

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