10/03/2023 | News & Events / News

Paginemediche, Healthware Ventures portfolio company, announces the acquisition of AreaMedical24


We're pleased to announce that Paginemediche, a portfolio company of Healthware Ventures, has acquired AreaMedical24, a telemedicine and medical concierge services startup founded by Roberta Bombini and Chiara Gariazzo that offers life sciences and insurance companies.

The integration of the AreaMedical24 network presents an opportunity for Paginemediche to expand its offering to a wider range of medical services through telemedicine, at home care, and care within affiliated facilities, and also launch a digital-first hybrid health service that is consistent with the most advanced international trends.

Currently, Paginemediche has over 150,000 registered users and 1.5 million unique visitors on the portal per month, and with this acquisition, the company is poised to offer a broader range of health services throughout Italy with 24/7 coverage and expand its network by involving more than 5,000 physicians and health care professionals.

With the added expertise of AreaMedical24, Paginemediche will be able to enhance its capability to improve access to healthcare, simplify the prevention, treatment and management of health conditions at scale, and expand the services offered by both the proprietary Digital Care Programs, and those developed in partnership with pharmaceutical companies.

Visit Paginemediche’s website to learn more, and to explore potential business opportunities, the team can be reached at corporate@paginemediche.it.