7/03/2022 | News & Events / News

MIP Politecnico di Milano and Healthware Group present the Executive Programme in Digital Health & Innovation


We are proud to collaborate with MIP, the Business School of the Politecnico di Milano, on the Executive Programme in Digital Health & Innovation to address the key and growing need for high level education in digital health and digital transformation for the life-sciences industry.

In the era we are living in, digital technologies are radically changing our lives and reshaping many industries, including the healthcare field. This radical transformation requires to upskill and be equipped with a set of digital health competencies. Hence the need for extensive education at all levels of the healthcare industry.

That’s why we decided to team up with one of the best scientific and technological universities in the world to empower experienced Professionals and Executives who want to spearhead innovation in digital health.

The Executive Programme offers a unique programme designed to address the emerging challenges in the field of innovation and offered through a rich portfolio of highly flexible and interactive training tools and methods, including the participation in the Frontiers Health Global Conference 2022.

This includes the consumerization of healthcare, the impact of wearables and sensors, remote monitoring of patients, the telehealth landscape, telepharmacy, digital therapeutics and the regulatory landscape that is evolving to keep pace. Demystifying artificial intelligence, reviewing how digital is affecting R&D and educating around new ways to create engagement with physicians are a few of the ways this course will help life sciences executives level up their knowledge to lead with the right digital mindset and to prepare your companies for the digital age.

Our CEO and Founder, Roberto Ascione will be the Executive Programme Director together with Emanuele Lettieri, Full Professor of Management of Innovation in Healthcare at the School of Management of the PoliMi.

To learn more about this news Executive Programme, join the webinar Preparing industry leaders for digital transformation to be held on March 15, 2022, at 6pm CET.

Jonah Comstock, Editor-in-Chief at pharmaphorum, and the Executive Programme Directors will discuss the recent trends and challenges in digital transformation within the life sciences landscape and present the course.

"Executive Programme in Digital Health & Innovation - How to leverage innovation to enhance health outcomes and commercial strategies: acquire the skills to lead the digital health transformation"

Discover more about the programme here and reach out us at digitalhealth@mip.polimi.it for further info.