5/10/2017 | News & Events / News

How Innovation Is Changing Healthcare Around the World


"If I become a great physician, I’ll have an impact on several thousand people,” Roberto Ascione , CEO of Healthware International, said as he described the moment he decided to launch his company. "But if I write code for physician’s software, then the impact might be much bigger"

Ascione was speaking with Unity Stoakes, President of StartUp Health, at the StartUp Health Village in New York City. They discussed how Ascione’s company is working with innovators and established organizations to improve health outcomes.

"A couple of years ago we launched a vertical within our team, Healthware Labs,” said Ascione. “It works both for innovation teams and large-scale companies to help them with their innovation needs."

Healthware Labs is collaborating with StartUp Health to help <strong">digital health companies prepare to enter the market. Particularly important for early stage startups is their branding, or story telling, component. In StartUp Health’s Moonshot Academy, Health Transformers learn to craft a Moonshot Story, a pitch that powerfully conveys what their company is doing to achieve a Health Moonshot.

"Until a certain stage of the company, your product is the pitch and your customer is the investor," said Ascione. "At some point you either start to get traction, or you get funding.

In this episode of StartUp Health NOW, Ascione explains how digital health technology is transforming healthcare, and describes how he and his company are making that transformation possible. "With our experience, reach, and the ability to deal with physicians, we are able to reach the MVP much faster," Ascione said. "We are really growing in this space, with more mature startups on one side and super early-stage on the other side, which is fascinating."