9/02/2018 | News & Events / News

Healthware boosts its media offering in Italy


New technologies, data and digital health innovations are rapidly transforming the way healthcare brands and companies connect with their customers.

Today it’s far less about reaching a target audience but rather about being able to engage with customers on a value-added basis.

This means participating in meaningful conversations and adding value by building trusted relationship loops with existing and emerging customer groups.

In this scenario, Healthware, a next-generation healthcare consultancy, has launched in Italy Healthware Engage, a team specialized in digital marketing and media strategies for the healthcare sector, with an innovative data-driven and result-oriented approach. In particular, Healthware Engage offers advanced techniques of performance marketing, such as campaign conversion rate optimization through data-driven execution and other consumer digital marketing techniques uniquely adapted to the regulated healthcare environment.

Healthware Engage provides the healthcare industry players with all the latest consumer marketing-graded tools needed to achieve their new objectives in multichannel marketing execution, strengthen the brand awareness in the conversational age, and create valuable cross-channel and cross-device experiences for their customers, whether those are health conscious individuals, patients, or healthcare professionals.

The team is led by Stefano Vitta, Partner Strategy & Development, and Salvatore Catalano, Partner Technology & Operations.
They will work closely with existing media planning brand functions coordinated by Tiziana Labruna, Media Strategy Director of Healthware International.

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