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Healthware and EVERSANA at Frontiers Health 2023


As Global Co-host and Main Sponsor of Frontiers Health, we developed the conference agenda around compelling guiding themes, contributing to the future of healthcare with Roberto Ascione as Chairman.

The conference focused on breakthrough solutions and insights that will transform the healthcare industry by leveraging Healthware's extensive knowledge and pioneering mindset.

Over 1,000 attendees joined the conference in-person, attending the following sessions or panels featuring Healthware and EVERSANA.

healthware and EVERSANA at FH23

DAY 1 - 8 November 2023

- 9:10 AM
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Roberto Ascione and Jessica DaMassa welcomed innovators at the opening ceremony.

- 9:40 AM
AI Enhanced Care Pathways [Plenary Keynote]
In this keynote, Pierantonio Russo, Chief Medical Officer at EVERSANA, explored the opportunities for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to transform the care journey.

- 10:00 AM
In his keynote, Roberto provided insights and perspectives on the Future of Health and how the exponential growth of new technologies reshaped the healthcare landscape right before their eyes.

- 2:30 PM
Patient and HCP driven innovations [Thematic Session]
The industry discussion on HCPs and patients' role in co-creating and driving innovation across different therapeutic areas was moderated by our Managing Director UK, Paul Tunnah. They also focused on how this new paradigm transformed the way companies engaged with them.

AI impact on healthcare: Large Language Models and beyond [Thematic Session]
Abid Rahman, VP Innovation at EVERSANA, moderated the entire session, focusing on how to leverage LLM and other models to enable more efficient digital solutions.

Embracing One Health [Deep Dive]
Alberta Spreafico, our MD Digital Health & Innovation, joined the deep dive on the One Health Project, highlighting the importance of innovation, technologies, and data sharing to embrace the One Health approach.

- 3:30 PM
HEALTHINKERS: Designing the future of healthcare
Stefano Cantù, our Global Head of Advisory, and Elisabetta Ravot, our Global Head of Science, moderated this session, featuring also Paul Tunnah, exploring and designing the future of health.

- 4:30 PM
Becoming a Digital First Biopharma Company [Thematic Session]
During this thematic session, panelists explored what digital maturity means for biopharma, and how AI, Precision Engagement and digital medicine can support the journey to a digital-first pharma company. The panels featured Abid Rahman; Pierantonio Russo, Chief Medical Officer at EVERSANA; James May, Managing Director Healthware Engage; and Alberta Spreafico.

DAY 2 - 9 November 2023

- 9:00 AM
Italian Summit

A strategic moment of discussion between key stakeholders engaged in scaling digital health. We heard from Roberto Ascione, Alberta Spreafico and representatives of local and national institutions, HCPs and scientific societies, patient associations, life sciences and innovators.

New spaces of health [Thematic Session]
The audience engaged in a captivating fireside chat featuring Kristin Milburn and Healthtunes founder, Walter Werzowa. They delved into the transformative influence of music on healing. A truly insightful conversation!

- 10:00 AM
The Hospital of the Future [Masterclass]
Pierantonio Russo explored integrating data science and AI in hospitals, envisioning a future where machine learning optimizes care locations, a digital platform enhances patient monitoring, and AI predicts care needs, supports decisions, guides procedures, and automates tasks.

-11:15 AM
Re-imagining healthcare interactions [Thematic Session]
In this thematic session, panelists explored the innovative realm of augmented and virtual reality programs, along with emerging techniques such as neuromodulation, companion robotics, and haptics. They heard from Johanna Jussila, Account Director Healthware Nordics and Baltics

- 12:00 PM

How to pitch Healthcare Stories that Get Written and Read [Masterclass]
Attendees learned from industry experts, Eloise McLennan, Deep Dive editor at pharmaphorum and Nicole Raleigh, Web Editor at pharmaphorum, cutting through media noise in healthcare and biopharma, focusing on building lasting relationships, creating standout pitches, and avoiding phrases that deterred journalists.

- 2:30 PM
Digital Health & Digital Medicines GTM strategies: enabling scale-up and systemic adoption [Deep Dive]
Experts Martin Culjat, Global Head of Digital Medicine & Regulatory Innovation at EVERSANA, and Alberta Spreafico explored digital health's potential, focusing on digital medicines and DTx. They discussed varied business models, regulatory impact, reimbursement challenges, stakeholder involvement, and strategies for successful adoption and scaling.

TECH2DOC - The Future Doctor: driving innovation in an evolving ecosystem
Anna Dina Bove, our Digital Health & Innovation Program Director, moderated the session dedicated to the role of doctors in startup innovation processes. This session was part of the Italian Summit side event.

Science and bio-medical research innovation [Thematic Session]
Elisabetta Ravot moderated the session dedicated to the cutting-edge ways technology drives the life sciences industry forward. Elena Pirofalo, our Head of Knowledge & Understanding, moderated the panel discussion on innovation in the methodology of R&D.

- 3:50 PM
VITA Accelerator Demo Day [Side Event]
This event marked the culmination of the VITA Accelerator's 6-month program, showcasing the second cohort of digital health start-ups that shared insights from their journey with VITA Partners, mentors, and experts since June 2023.

- 4:00 PM
Realizing the potential of digital health [Thematic Session]
Attendees explored challenges and opportunities in DTx scaling, including funding, regulation, adoption, and integration into healthcare systems. Discussions led by industry leaders focused on digital health transformation, patient empowerment, behavioral design, and the evolving framework for digital medical devices in the US. They heard from Marty Culjat; while our own Kristin Milburn, CMO and MD Publications, Events and Digital Health Ecosystem, moderated a fireside chat on the next frontiers in the holistic patient experience.

DAY 3 - 10 November 2023

- 9:00 AM
Digital Medicine & DTx Global Policy Summit
The Summit, promoted with the Digital Therapeutics Alliance in collaboration with APACMed, featured Marty Culjat, Kristin Milburn and Alberta Spreafico.

- 10:00 AM
An exclusive invite-only session featuring also Paul Tunnah, where the speakers delved into unspoken stage discussions, addressed burning questions, and explored conference buzz and future trends.

- 11:00 AM
Innovation Ecosystem Gathering
The first-ever "Frontiers Health Innovation Ecosystem Gathering" assembled prominent digital health incubators, accelerators, innovation labs, and venture studios driving innovative health solutions worldwide. Moderated by Paolo Borella, Managing Partner at VITA, the discussion included a fireside chat with industry leaders conducted by Kristin Milburn.

- 11:30 AM
NeuroCreativity [Worskhop]
The workshop, led by Paolo Guglielmoni, our Global Head of Creative Experience, explored the impact of emotions on communication. It uncovered the synergy between neuromarketing and creativity, shaping a superior and highly efficient healthcare advertising model.