17/06/2011 | News & Events / News

Frontiers of Interaction 2011: workshop 'Transforming health with mobile devices'


The seventh edition of Frontiers of Interaction, the geek international "advanced" event on interaction design, and new innovation trends, is over. But the "new spirit" on eHealth and mobile is just at the beginning: new discussions, ideas and experiences outlining new mHealth frontiers have been traced in our workshop "Transforming health with mobile devices - A hands-on workshop with professionals from both sides of the fence–doctors and communication specialists".

The focus of the discussion was on the potent possibilities of mHealth in the global healthcare communications market.

Watch the videos of the workshop and the conference:

Our team kicked off the workshop with a 30 minute presentation that helped to provide context and rationale for mHealth, such as:

  • Mobile usage (current and projected)
  • Key implications for the global healthcare communications community
  • Important guidelines about how to create a mHealth strategy that is more likely to be both adopted and integrated into daily life by the end user

The initial presentation was then followed by a one-hour working session where we divided the audience into three groups, each focused on brainstorming a different opportunity/scenario for mHealth:

  1. Point of Care
  2. Patient Education/Compliance
  3. Physician Education

Each group had to design an mHealth solution for their scenario that focused on creating value for the user in order to go beyond adoption and achieve behavioral integration. The power and the potential of these groups was great. Why? The groups were comprised of healthcare communications experts, interaction designers, content managers and physicians! So, we created a unique opportunity to get minds collaborating across perspectives, organizational boundaries and user needs! Each group was then required to present their solution to the rest of the workshop at the end of the session.

Then, Roberto Ascione presented a three-minute recap of the workshop and the outcome to the entire group of conference attendees the following day as the event closed. Very exciting and very successful!

Great thanks to all who helped to create such a powerful event, especially to the RHW geek friends, such as the Doctors of paginemediche.it (Dr. Francesco Guida - Gynecologist, Dr. Antonio Del Sorbo – Dermatologist, and Dr. Mario Clerico – Oncologist) and other around ten geeks who took part to a few working tables, imagining and drawing different scenarios and applications in the eHealth field!