13/12/2022 | News & Events / News

DigitalRehab announces launch of equity crowdfunding campaign


At Healthware Ventures we are proud to back the innovative startup DigitalRehab which recently kicked off an equity crowdfunding campaign on the Opstart platform that you can join at www.opstart.it

DigitalRehab was founded by a group of researchers, physicians, physical therapists, and entrepreneurs to offer patients, physiatrists, and physical therapists neuromotor telerehabilitation systems that utilize an innovative evidence-based, data-driven experience customized to the needs of individual patients.

As of today, DigitalRehab has completed the research phase of AuReha, a digital therapy using immersive virtual environments for remote neuro-motor rehabilitation. The efficacy of Aureha's serious games have already been demonstrated with a clinical trial conducted at Bambin Gesù Hospital in Rome and published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine in 2022.

Thanks to the research and development carried out by a team of experts in rehabilitation and digital therapies, DigitalRehab democratizes access to excellent and highly scalable rehabilitation pathways through the use of technology, within a framework of proven clinical efficacy and financial sustainability for the entire healthcare system.

While rehabilitation is, in fact, largely suboptimal in terms of access and sustainability, DTx in rehabilitation have the potential to improve and complement the work of rehabilitation professionals in a highly significant way.

If you are interested in learning more about DigitalRehab, read more at www.digitalrehab.eu/en