10/03/2020 | News & Events / News

Coronavirus emergency: our commitment and the digital health ecosystem


The crisis scenario caused by the spread of the Covid-19 is having a strong impact on all aspects of life, be they individual, family, social, political, or economic.

We, at Healthware, are passionate and dedicated to building a future of healthcare that is increasingly human thanks to new technologies. Today, during this time of critical and significant containment measures, we believe that digital and technology can be tools of valuable public benefit. Practical examples are in how, thanks to Healthware’s scientists, strategists, designers, and developers they are supporting the enormous health emergency efforts by providing online triage in infection diagnostics, or helping doctors with their patients via remote visits.

Our continuous commitment in the processes of digital health improvement and transformation is now oriented to support our customers and partners with innovative ideas and technological solutions, that can ensure continuity to personal and professional activities in this critical situation. We are also working in partnership with our clients to define the best remote connections strategies and technologies to keep the conversations going between the sales force, doctors and all the various stakeholders, so that the industry can safeguard already planned initiatives in the short and medium term of this health emergency.

Also noteworthy is the collaboration with the startups in our portfolio that contribute in the creation of innovative solutions and practices focused not only on business but also on public utility.

Since the first days of the emergency, the Paginemediche startup has released a Covid-19 diagnostic chat-bot that helps both doctors and patients to predict the possible transmission of the virus, all via a few questions that the bot asks the people that interact with it.

The chatbot tool was designed under the medical supervision of Dr. Emanuele Urbani, General Practitioner in Milan, and developed on the basis of the Guidelines of the Italian Ministry of Health, used as a support for telephone triage to assess cases showing suspicious symptoms and behaviours.

The Covid-19 diagnostic chat-bot, in addition to being available on Paginemediche.it, has also been adopted by the Lombardia Region on their institutional portal (www.regione.lombardia.it) and by the Provincial Health Services Agency of the Autonomous Province of Trento which offers it as a public health service directly on their website (https://www.apss.tn.it/it).

All General Practitioners (GPs), who are familiar with the application Visitami, will be able to carry out remote visits using its tele-medicine visit service; this is being provided free of charge, as our contribution to reduce in-person visits to clinics, and the consequent increased risks that the additional foot traffic can have in increased contamination between healthy and infected individuals.

While we cannot predict how long this emergency will last, we have made a commitment that, all together at Healthware, we will continue to work proactively and promptly providing our know-how and support to our clients, partners and all fellow citizens of the world impacted by this situation. - Roberto Ascione, CEO & Founder, Healthware Group