27/03/2020 | News & Events / News

Coronavirus Diagnostic Chatbot


On February 7th, in the early days of the coronavirus emergency in Italy, Paginemediche launched a Covid-19 diagnostic chatbot as a public Service, which has already been used over 66 thousand times by the population at large. It was developed on the basis of the Italian Ministry of Health guidelines and designed under the medical supervision of Dr Emanuele Urbani, a general practitioner in Milan.

The chatbot has also been adopted by several Institutions on their public portals and used as a support for telephone triage to highlight potential coronavirus cases.

Paginemediche is a digital health start-up from our Healthware Ventures’s portfolio, and as the pandemic continues to escalate, we have also released a multilingual version of the Coronavirus Chatbot that offers preventive care, patient’s triage, symptoms checking and monitoring, and information to the population.

The chatbot also facilitates the continuous collection and processing of epidemiological data that is invaluable to institutions for the monitoring the spread of the disease and for retrospective analysis.

Our Healthware corporate website hosts the English language chatbot as a public service, but it is available in other foreign languages (English, Italian, German, French, Spanish) and it can be configured and used by healthcare and other organizations.

How it works

Chatbot Widget
Health related Questions
A widget will invite users to start chatting with the bot.
The widget can be easily integrated on corporate websites and webpages.
Analyzing the answers based on National/County Healthcare Guidelines, the chatbot will provide recommendations about sought behaviors and actions to take to check the individual health status.
The chatbot will ask a series of short questions related to behavior and health symptoms to asses risk exposure and possible COVID-19 symptoms and contagions.


If you are interested in offering the Health Chat to improve communications and care surrounding the Coronavirus emergency, please email us.


We are committed in supporting Paginemediche with their development of a comprehensive suite of COVID-19 programmes developed with top clinicians, and designed to add capacity to the healthcare system.

Paginemediche has deployed a tele-medicine service, free of charge, to all Italian physicians that lets doctors continue to stay connected and help people, and thus reducing the risk of contagion in the health system.


If you would like to learn more about how we are helping pharma, health systems, payers and healthcare technology companies, please reach out to us.