19/11/2022 | News & Events / News

Ascione at Eta Beta: Metaverse, algorithms and digital therapies, the technological shift in health care


In our annual interview with Eta Beta, a program of the Italian national radio: Rai Radio 1, Roberto Ascione, our CEO, and founder, and chairman of Frontiers Health, sat down with journalist Massimo Cerofolini to talk about the top trends surfacing from the global digital health conference.

This year they covered topics ranging from new methods of prevention through apps and sensors that monitor health in real-time, to diagnosis with algorithms that identify a disease by tone of voice or spots on the skin, treatment with robots, virtual reality, and web-connected doctors, and the metaverse – the new immersive care pathway among the many digital medicines that are gaining popularity in Italy.

Roberto and Massimo were also joined by:

Giovanni Saggio, Professor of electronic engineering at the University of Tor Vergata in Rome and founder of Voicewise, a system that detects dozens of different diseases by analyzing the human voice with artificial intelligence algorithms. 

Livia Domizia Barberini, Health Manager at ASL Roma 2, overseeing the Liberi@amo la Salute project, which also treats and assists Rebibbia inmates through telemedicine services.

Eugenio Santoro, Head of the Medical Informatics Laboratory at the Mario Negri IRCCS Institute for Pharmacological Research.

Listen to the podcast here [Italian only]