Research2Guidance launches Allis.Health, a new digital health analyst platform, developed by Healthware Group

The global data driven platform offers ongoing market and competitor monitoring curated and commented on by a digital health analyst team


Healthware Group confirms its role as Co-host & Main Sponsor of Frontiers Health 2023

We are proud to announce our continued collaboration with the Frontiers Health Global Conference & Side Events for our 8th edition as Co-Host and Main Sponsor.


Groundbreaking Parkinson's Disease Study on World Parkinson's Day

We are proud to announce our involvement in a recent study that advances the understanding of Parkinson's disease (PD) symptom detection. 


Future Health Report: Expert Opinion on “Digital Therapeutics to enhance the care pathways for depression across the national health service: expert proposals for Italy”

The document reports five expert proposals and a possible clinical-organizational process for the integration of Digital Therapeutics across depression care pathways in the Italian national health service


Paginemediche, Healthware Ventures portfolio company, announces the acquisition of AreaMedical24

Paginemediche, a portfolio company of Healthware Ventures, has acquired AreaMedical24, a telemedicine and medical concierge services startup that offers life sciences and insurance companies.


Petteri Kolehmainen at Yle: Virtual reality (VR) can help chronic pain patients

Petteri, Managing Director Healthware Technology, and Sammeli Liikkanen, Director, Digital Medicine at Orion Corporation met up with journalist Simo Kymäläinen to talk about a new type of drug-free treatment that has been developed to help those suffering from chronic pain.


Newel Health Awarded $2.5M Research Grant from The Michael J. Fox Foundation

Newel Health Awarded $2.5M Research Grant from The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Further Development of Soturi, an Innovative Digital Therapeutic Solution for People Living with Parkinson’s Disease