Marketing & Communications

We play in the sweet spot of our scientific expertise, our creativity, our boundless curiosity, and our understanding of human needs. That’s how we design transformational healthcare experiences that engage, simplify and empower people’s lives.


Insights & Analytics

To more effectively serve our clients, we need to first understand your challenges and motivations. Through business, audience and competition assessment, as well as web analytics, surveys and ROI modeling, we build a picture of what your data is saying. From there we define opportunities to align your business strategy with your goals.


We know that the digital world makes it all too easy to get lost in day-to-day operations and tactical minutiae. We help our clients take that crucial step back, draw a breath and look at the bigger picture. Together we develop bespoke strategies that address overarching business needs while providing a solid foundation for tactical planning, both at a corporate and brand level.


Branding and Creative

Healthware provides fresh and innovative ideas to help our clients build their brand. We speak “creative” in a unified voice by utilizing all our disciplines and providing our clients with an enhanced brand that draws insight from our experts.

This 360° perspective helps to ensure the results you want. Whether it’s refreshing a brand, launching a digital product, or developing a new campaign – we can get you where you want to be.

Design and User Experience

Design is the key to harnessing new possibilities. And there are a lot of tools out there; big data, data science, wearable sensors, artificial intelligence, widespread connectivity, cloud services, and mobile technology. How do you effectively use them in clinical care, research, prevention, and the promotion of general wellbeing?

At Healthware we believe in integrated design. We want to use the very best. To that end we work with discipline experts, health professional, and patients to cherry pick the best technologies for our clients to use in tangible and effective ways.


Digital Marketing

There’s a lot of static in digital marketing. We’ll help you cut through it. Our Digital Marketing practices sits at the intersection of technology, content and design.

We help our clients choose the right message, for the right audience, on the right channel, at the right time. Using a structured approach to channel planning, driven by data science and 20 years of industry expertise, we provide reliable recommendations for communications success that you can measure.

Multichannel Marketing

To engage new customers you often need to get out of your lane. We’ll help you transition from a segmented marketing practice to a behavioural and contextual model, with a continuous flow of tailored messages and content, which will shift the focus from the channel to the customer experience.

We help our clients to orientate and implement decisions through strategic services, such as mapping integrated multichannel customer experiences and hands-on workshops. We create frameworks for predictive, real-time optimization and retrospective analytics, and provide full service digital services, across channels and audiences.



Our Science Department ensures our clients’ brands communicate with authority, accountability, and from evidence. Innovation and science lie close together in our corporate DNA. We rely on science to transform a creative concept into credible, tailored-made and engaging communication, while fulfilling all medical and regulatory requirements. By combining science and narrative, we generate people-centered experiences that facilitate and encourage the conversation between stakeholders and brand.

Creative Technology

We use code to express creativity, to explore the technology we find interesting and combine both into new ideas – our technology is inspiring and innovative.

The relevant use of data and new technologies, experimentation of novel ideas and trends help us to generate understanding and influence, ultimately changing healthcare behaviors, by delivering bleeding-edge digital solutions.


Storytelling and Content Factory

We understand the importance of a good story. We know that people are more inclined to act when they are involved in memorable and engaging storytelling.

Our creative, content strategy, user experience, medical and regulatory disciplines weave a perfect story that engages audience with our clients’ brands by providing compelling stories which help provide prevention, diagnosis and treatment services through a relevant, personalized experience.

Conversations/Social Media, PR and Events

Innovation is the driver for engagement in touchpoints that involve discussion between pharma, physicians, and patients. Our expertise in the subject, our knowledge of the pharma sector and a focus on the future of healthcare allows for the creation of relevant conversations which connect influencers, brands, and customers, effectively leveraging social channels, digital and traditional PR, congresses and events.