Local Offices

Our local offices have global capabilities that encompass all areas of digital health, and include advisory services, marketing and communications, technology and enterprise solutions, audience engagement, media management, innovation consultancy, and corporate venturing. Contact any of our locations today to get started on becoming part of the global digital health future.



Our Cologne office drives change in the healthcare industry with its full agency capabilities, which include multi-channel marketing and communications experiences that maximize audience engagement, business value and ensure sales team effectiveness. They also offer innovation consultancy and advisory and digital transformation for technology and enterprise.



Our Milan office is the home of our exceptional client experience team, which offers empowering full-service agency capabilities that encompass co-created multichannel marketing and communications solutions, UX, art direction, audience engagement, and innovation consultancy and advisory.



Our Rome office specializes in client engagement, with full-service agency capabilities that include multichannel marketing and communications solutions, UX, art direction, audience engagement, and innovation consultancy and advisory.



The Healthware Life Hub in Salerno is our headquarters. Located inside Palazzo Innovazione, it offers multichannel marketing and communications experiences focused on audience engagement, digital innovation consultancy, technology and enterprise, and corporate venturing.



Our Rende office in Calabria serves as the home of our data science and technology team, which is pivotal to the magic of app and website development, infrastructure architecture, performance marketing, artificial intelligence, digital platforms, marketing automation, PMO services, and the rest of what we do at Healthware Group.



Our Helsinki office supports client growth with products and services based on customer experience, creative design, recruitment for clinical trials, and technologies such as Virtual Reality.



Our Barcelona office focuses on client engagement and innovation, specializing in connecting startups and digital fast-tracking.



In addition to offering global consultancy and other full-service agency services, our London office is the home of our marketing editorial team and Pharmaphorum, one of the world’s leading industry publications with a strong reputation for thought leadership and content spanning all aspects of digital health, scientific publication, and pharma news.


New York

Our New York office specializes in helping enterprises with digital transformation, launching digital therapeutic (DTx) initiatives, and developing leading edge point-of-care solutions with trends forecasting, challenges identification, industry acceleration, innovation consulting, ideation labs, and new lead exploration.


Other Locations

Our network is fully active in all the most commercially important regions of the world.