Welcome to the
Healthware Life Hub

From ancient health pioneers to today’s health innovators

A magical space, deeply rooted in history, equipped with the latest technology and full of smart people, start-ups and teams visiting from all over the world, has become home to patients, physicians and health innovators united by the mission of reinventing healthcare.

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Our Life Hub is located inside Palazzo Innovazione in Salerno, near the ancient headquarters of the Salerno Medical School, the first medical institution in the world dating back to the 11th Century.
The building is part of an evocative monumental complex, now converted to the new purpose, in the direct vicinity of the Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


For more than 20 years, Healthware has been offering large companies and healthcare start-ups a unique set of services and expertise in consulting, communication, technology and innovation – all designed to drive the digital transformation of health.


Vision, commitment and vocation for innovation has always guided the healthwarians to seize the opportunities offered by new technologies to create new ways of informing the public, connecting doctors and patients, and to generate real digital care services. 

Digital Health Factory


The hub is also home to the Digital Health Factory focused on creating digital health and wellness solutions by bringing together companies, investors, and talents, all of whom can access the Hub's co-working space, geared towards the needs of today's digital nomads.


Come over with your Team for an immersive workshop or join a need-driven co-creation session, you will feel the energy of the history, which continues to shape the future in a very unique way.