James May

James May

Managing Director Healthware Engage

Share our understanding of how channels, content and customer experience combine to deliver better health outcomes which unlock growth for clients in the wellbeing space.


James has been working in the fields of communications, advertising, media and digital for over three decades. With more than ten years spent in the leading Agency Holding Groups based in London, James has also lived and worked for two decades in the high growth markets of China, Russia, South America and South-East Asia.

He has worked across multiple categories including FMCG, financial, automotive, retail, technology and luxury and helped to build many of the market leading brands from the largest organizations in the world.

His health and wellness experience includes global product launches for the largest pharmaceutical companies as well as digital transformation support for Europe-based pharma brands.

In his spare time, he has authored three children’s books (called Two Unlikely Friends) which are available on Amazon. He has four children and lives with his wife in London, England.