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13/09/2023 | BlogPost

Leveraging Data Science in R&D: Integrating Data Silos to Generate High-Value Insights

The opportunity for Data Science and Big Data in life sciences is particularly compelling within complex corporate environments that face an ever-growing volume and diversity of information.

17/07/2023 | Point of view

Omnichannel maturity: it’s not about the technology

Omnichannel. It seems to be the word of the moment in life sciences, especially in the pharmaceutical sector.
So, to ask the question many people don’t like to, what does it actually mean?

30/05/2023 | BlogPost

Consumer Centricity - a peace offering

As part of our Innovation as Strategy series, we further expand on Connected Experiences, with a deep dive into Consumer Centricity.

17/05/2023 | BlogPost

The future of field forces in life sciences: time to repurpose the rep?

As part of our Innovation as Strategy series, we further expand on the Digital Transformation of Brands, with a deep dive into the future of field forces.