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We help enterprises transform, innovate and launch digital
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We keep our clients on the cutting edge of digital health and help them build & grow innovation practices by looking at old
problems in new ways, and by generating innovative ideas collaborating with our networks' likeminded Open Innovation
partners to launch new products and services that will reshape our industry.


30/05/2023 | BlogPost

Consumer Centricity - a peace offering

As part of our Innovation as Strategy series, we further expand on Connected Experiences, with a deep dive into Consumer Centricity.

17/05/2023 | BlogPost

The future of field forces in life sciences: time to repurpose the rep?

As part of our Innovation as Strategy series, we further expand on the Digital Transformation of Brands, with a deep dive into the future of field forces.

26/04/2023 | Booklet

Download the booklet "Innovation as Strategy: Enabling life sciences of the future."

An exploration of our Innovation as Strategy mindset and way of working that drives us in supporting our clients’ businesses

12/04/2023 | BlogPost

When will “digital health” just become health?

Despite the significant drop in funding in 2022, digital health is here to stay.