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We help enterprises transform, innovate and launch digital
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We keep our clients on the cutting edge of digital health and help them build & grow innovation practices by looking at old
problems in new ways, and by generating innovative ideas collaborating with our networks' likeminded Open Innovation
partners to launch new products and services that will reshape our industry.


23/06/2020 | BlogPost

DTx - The time to scale (and up investments) is now!

Two significant recent developments are now proving the regulatory and commercial viability of DTx

18/06/2020 | Booklet

How the Pandemic Will Forever Change Pharma Sales & Marketing

Find out about best practices, opportunities and actions for the future in the white paper “The aftermath: Covid-19 insights & recommendations”

11/06/2020 | BlogPost

Class CNBC MegaTrend - MedTech: Roberto Ascione talking about the digital health acceleration

Our CEO & Founder, Roberto Ascione, has explored digital health investment opportunities

28/05/2020 | BlogPost

Digital health and pharma – adapting to the post-coronavirus paradigm

The need for digital transformation and a response model for COVID-19 were among the topics discussed in a recent digital debate