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28/03/2023 | BookletBooklet

Download the Expert Opinion on "Digital Therapeutics to enhance the care pathways for depression across the national health service: expert proposals for Italy”

The document reports five expert proposals and a possible clinical-organizational process for the integration of Digital Therapetuics across depression care pathways in the Italian national health service

10/03/2023 | Point of view

DTx (Digital Therapeutics) and Wearable Implications

Roberto Ascione shares his expert insights on Digital Therapeutics and impact of wearables with podcast host João Bocas.

10/02/2023 | Point of view

2023's Must-Watch Healthcare Tech Trends

The healthcare sector is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by advances in technology. From telemedicine and AI-based diagnostics to wearable devices and personalised medicine, there has never been a more exciting time for healthcare.