13-15/05/2019 | News & Events / Events

Webit.Health Summit & Expo 2019

Sofia, Bulgaria

Roberto Ascione, our CEO & Founder, will come back to Webit to talk about Digital Therapeutics trends and opportunities on May 15th at 3:50pm.

The Webit.Health Summit & Expo will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on May 13-15, 2019 and it will focus on the future of healthcare, pharma and wellness by gathering together the top experts in AI, VR, Personalized Medicine, Exponential Medicine, Genomics and biotech.

Roberto Ascione

Roberto is a pioneer in digital health and a recognized thought leader, people-inspiring founder, serial entrepreneur and global manager. With more than 20 years of experience he has been focusing on marketing and communications, business transformation and innovation in health and wellness.

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