27-28/05/2021 | News & Events / Events


Virtual Event - May 27 and 28, 2021

Our CEO and founder, Roberto Ascione, has been invited to speak at N-Conference, which is organized by Ninja Academy, the Italian business school focused on the digital transformation.

The event will be held virtually on May 27 and 28, 2021 and will celebrate the Unbreakable Companies; the innovative organizations able to break new ground and drive change.

The conference will focus on three vertical tracts:

  • Technology, to discover together the new opportunities of technologies such as AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrency;
  • Culture, to explore how technology is shaping generations that are increasingly digitally connected, value and sustainability-conscious, and critical of traditional work rules and consumption patterns;
  • Industry, to study companies and industries driving market change by valuing human capital, integrating technologie,s and aiming to solve societal problems in innovative ways.

On May 28th at 12:35 pm Roberto will talk about “The Future of Health”, sharing his vision on how healthcare is being transformed by new technologies.

Get your pass and learn more at ww.n-conference.it