5/10/2023 | News & Events / Events

Milano Digital Week

Academy FrancoAngeli Milano, Italy

Join our Global Head of Creative Experience, Paolo Guglielmoni, for the presentation of his latest book, "Creatività Circolare," at Milano Digital Week.

Paolo's talk, which will take place on October 5th at 11am CEST, will focus on the concept of circular creativity, and explore how it can be used to foster innovation, sustainability, and problem-solving in the digital landscape.

Indeed, Paolo's book, published by Franco Angeli Edizioni, emphasizes the importance of excellent, effective, and efficient ideas, the three "E's" at the heart of circular creativity.

Milano Digital Week, known for bringing together pioneers in technology, creativity, and innovation, will provide an engaging discussion on how to harness circular creativity.

Entrance to the event is free.