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Join the webinar: "The increasing importance of Medical Affairs – case Servier"

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As emerging technologies continue to shape the healthcare landscape and the world adapts to a post-pandemic reality, the pharmaceutical industry is faced with the challenge of engaging providers with science-driven digital content in new ways.

Medical affairs will play an increasingly strategic role in identifying and addressing the unmet needs of patients, payers, policymakers, and providers, advancing clinical practice, and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

In today’s digital world, providers are inundated with an overwhelming amount of scientific data, leading some to describe it as an infodemic. This presents an opportunity for medical affairs to provide a better learning experience for providers by delivering the information they need, when they need it, in a format that resonates emotionally and ensures retention – cutting through the noise and helping them focus on what matters most.

Join the webinar "The increasing importance of Medical Affairs – case Servier", 14 June at 15:30 CET, as Healthware further expands on the topic of Reimagining Scientific Exchange as part of its Innovation as Strategy series. You can expect a discussion about the important role that medical affairs play in the pharma industry, with perspectives on how medical affairs can improve scientific exchange, and drive innovation among stakeholders. You will also hear examples of what Servier is doing in terms of driving leadership in this space, about the evolution of the Servier Medical Hub, together with some life learnings from developing the content platform.

You will hear from Tamara Krcmar, Transversal Medical Communication Director - Cardiometabolic & venous diseases at Servier and Francis Mahmud Namouk, Managing Director at Healthware MedComms & Events.

Attendance is free but requires registration.

Innovation as StrategyThis webinar is part of our Innovation as Strategy series.
Download the white paper “Innovation as Strategy: Enabling life sciences of the future".