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Healthware Group and Plexus Ventures Experts to Present at OTCToolbox 2022 Consumer Healthcare BD&I Event

On line event

Healthware Group Senior Digital Therapeutics Partner Gerry Chillé and Plexus Ventures Partner Gabriele Tundo invite you to join them virtually for their "Digital Consumer Health: Engaging Patients in Tracking and Managing Wellness" session at the OTCToolbox 2022 Consumer Healthcare BD&I Event, on Wednesday 23 February 2022 at 2:45PM.

The five-day online conference and global networking event is the only one dedicated to business development and innovation for the consumer healthcare/OTC industry. This year’s theme "NEW IDEAS BETTER WAYS" – a mindset ingrained in all that Healthware does – and it offers four sessions that cover Industry Trends, E-commerce Opportunities, Digital Transformation, and Company Strategies.

The Healthware/Plexus Ventures presentation is part of Session 3, in which highly respected experts focus on digital transformation and the potential applications of digital therapeutics, AI, and use of real-world evidence within the consumer healthcare industry.

The conference’s online partnering platform and video system allows participants to interact with Gerry and Gabriele for live Q&A, connect to explore potential partnerships, and network in general, while its flexible on-demand platform makes it possible to watch the Healthware Therapeutics-Plexus Ventures session and others when it’s convenient, with no limits on how many times they can be viewed.

In addition to bringing attendees up to speed on the complexities of where digital health is heading, "Digital Consumer Health: Engaging Patients in Tracking and Managing Wellness" delves into various industry facets, such as how far consumer healthcare has evolved from what it once was, how digital products create competition, and the importance of embracing the virtualverse as consumer health/OTC companies compete for disappearing physical shelf space.

Gerry and Gabriele will further elaborate on how industry dynamics are shifting, and that to remain relevant, let alone be competitive, integrating digital features into products or even fully digitizing entire lines will become essential, especially considering the innate ability of over-the-counter products to traverse the OTC and pharma worlds.

Finally, they’ll touch on the rapidly expanding dimension of data collection, which is already a catalyst for better/deeper knowledge, which leads to the development of new products, which create new business opportunities, which all lead to new revenue streams… and endless possibilities.

Those interested in attending the conference can find more information and register here and to contact Gerry Chillé any time before or after the conference, please reach out by filling the form here.

Gerry Chillè

Gerry has spent his life breaking things apart, mixing the pieces up with other objects, and trying to build something new from them.
Today he is the General Partner and Managing Director of the Digital Therapeutics division, in charge of an evolving DTx pipeline. He holds a BFA degree from the State University of New York, and MBA credits at the University of Phoenix.