17-26/07/2017 | News & Events / Events

Health meets Giffoni Experience

Salerno, Italy

For the second year, the Giffoni Experience, the most important international film festival for children and youth, supports #SullaMiaPelle (OnMySkin), the awareness campaign against psoriasis.

The campaign aims to reach young people in a bid to spread awareness about psoriasis, a disease that often begins at a young age and that has a negative impact on the emotional and relational life of patients.

During the festival, a large wall was set up to symbolize the stigma of psoriasis. The wall was filled with photos, quotes and drawings created by the youths who had been involved in photography and comics workshops with professionals, and with the educational support of dermatologists who came from several Italian cities.

Besides film stars and members of the jury, the winners of the Video Competition "SULLA MIA PELLE. Vinci lo stigma, vinci Giffoni" ("ON MY SKIN. Win against stigma, win at Giffoni") were also announced at the festival. This campaign had been launched last October 2014 in occasion of the World Psoriasis Day, to convey their message against prejudice with creativity and talent.

Follow the campaign here