10-12/05/2016 | News & Events / Events

Health 2.0 Europe 2016

Barcelona, Spain

We are proud to partner also this year with Health 2.0 Europe 2016, the gathering of digital health champions in Europe since 2010!
As announced last month, our CEO Roberto Ascione - together with Jorge Gonzalez of TICBioMed - will moderate the 5th edition of EC2VC "Take 5" - Investors' Forum and Pitch Competition.

We invite you to register here with the code HWARE16 which will give you 15% discount on your ticket!

Read below the official Press Release by Health 2.0 Europe conference.

Health 2.0 Europe, the European gathering of digital health champions in Barcelona

  • During three days, pioneers in using new technologies, investors and start-ups will meet in an international event consolidated as the leading showcase of cutting-edge innovations transforming health and health care.
  • This edition will bring together big names from the international digital health scene like Dr. Rafael Grossmann, the surgeon who performed the first live surgery with Google Glass.

Barcelona, March 29, 2016. All the stakeholders from the European digital health tech ecosystem will meet in Barcelona for the 7th edition of Health 2.0 Europe (10-12th May).

Since 2010, Health 2.0 Europe has been the platform for developing and presenting new solutions in the field of digital health.
The conference will showcase innovative technologies from around the world helping healthcare professionals and patients in their daily activities and lives in the hospital or remotely. The organization has chosen Barcelona to host this new edition, considering it to be a major capital for innovation with a high concentration of start-ups and their close collaboration with the Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

All the key players of the health IT ecosystem will be represented in the conference program.
This year, the conference’s structure holds three main axes: accelerating the adoption of innovative solutions by patients and healthcare professionals, increasing the investment flow in digital health start-ups, and the reimbursement of these new technologies by public and private insurance systems.

Along those lines, here are some of the scheduled discussion panels:

  • Health 2.0 Trends Around the World
  • Solutions for Hospitals and Health Professionals
  • From Health to Well-Being: Consumer tools
  • Building a New Framework for Health 2.0 Adoption in the Clinical Setting
  • Building Blocks to a Dynamic Health 2.0 Ecosystem in Europe
  • Health 2.0 Applications and Implementations in Emerging Markets
  • Health 2.0 Power to the Patients!
  • Who Will Pay for Health 2.0? An Investors' Discussion
  • Health 2.0 Transforming the Daily Mission of Nurses
  • Reimbursement - Players, Trends, Criteria, and Processes

Health 2.0 Europe 2016 brings together digital health pioneers

Among the speakers of the congress are world-class names like Dr. Rafael Grossmann, trauma surgeon and pioneer in digital health (he performed the first-ever live surgery with Google Glass); Esther Dyson, one of the most influential investors in digital health in the world - her latest investments include PatientsLikeMe, 23andMe, HealthTap, and Omada Health; Dr. Julio Mayol, director of the Innovation Institute San Carlos Health Research (IdSSC) in Madrid and advisor to biomedical technology and digital health start-ups.

More than 120 speakers, 30 investors and 50 live demos of new digital health solutions

In the last edition of Health 2.0 Europe (May 2015) "the digital solutions presented on stage were in a more advanced stage of maturity than in previous years - ready for investments and large scale implementations. The overall conference was very positive; we had over 450 attendees, a number we hope to increase again this year!" reports Pascal Lardier, International Director at Health 2.0.

Echoing the success of previous editions, 50 live demo of digital health solutions designed to help all those involved in health management (patients, healthcare professionals, pharma groups, public and private insurers...) will be showcased from a user perspective. As an example, the session "Solutions for Hospitals and Health Professionals" will be introduced by Dr. Rafael Grossmann and will showcase five of the latest most advanced tools and apps created to increase the quality of patient care and reduce healthcare costs.

Business opportunities and new solutions for physicians and patients

Health 2.0 Europe provides visibility to digital health start-ups but also funding opportunities and investor networking. The 5th edition of EC2VC- Investors' Forum and Pitch Competition will focus specifically on increasing the investment flow in Europe.
"At Health 2.0 Europe we bring together the most active international investors in digital health so they can engage early with the most promising digital health start-ups in Europe." says Pascal Lardier, Health 2.0’s International Director.