25/06/2021 | News & Events / Events

Frontiers Health Live Italia 2021

Virtual Event

Healthware Group is proud to be the co-host of Frontiers Health Live Italia, a special edition of the Frontiers Health Global Conference dedicated to Italian ecosystem.

Chaired by our CEO, Roberto Ascione, the live event will begin streaming at 9:30 am on June 25th and feature prominent Italian and international experts who will be discussing DTx, telemedicine, digital transformation, and other relevant topics.

With an underlying focus on innovation, the conference is key to understanding how the Italian health ecosystem is currently working to strengthen the national health system and empower patients through the use of digital technology.

We are pleased to introduce the keynotes and sessions we will be engaged in:

9:35 | Conference Highlights
Roberto Ascione will go through the conference agenda with Luigi Pavia, to highlight all the topics that will be discussed.

9:50 | Roberto Ascione will open the conference with his signature keynote talk.

10:05 | Digital Therapeutics in Medical Practice and Healthcare
Join the panel discussion on the path to implementing Digital Therapeutics in Italy, moderated by Giuseppe Recchia, daVinci Therapeutics and featuring our very own Gerry Chillè, Sr. Partner Digital Therapeutics Healthware Group, along with Elio Borgonovi, Fondazione Smith Kline, Felice Lopane, Assolombarda, Gualberto Gussoni, FADOI, and Alfredo Pascali, Pascali Next-Health.

11:30 | Telemedicine Beyond Covid-19
Explore the role of telemedicine in doctor-patient-caregiver relationships in Italy beyond Covid-19. The panel will be moderated by journalist Giorgio Caroli and will involve Graziella Bilotta, CEO Paginemediche, along with Antonio Magi, SUMAI, and Mario Po’, Polo Culturale e Museale della Scuola grande di San Marco.

12:00 | Digital Transformation in Pharma
Our own Alberta Spreafico, Stakeholders & Innovation Strategy Director, is moderating a panel dedicated to  digital transformation for pharma companies in Italy, focusing also on risks and opportunities. The panel will feature Gianluca Garziera, Johnson & Johnson Medical, Angela Genco, Bayer, Laura Guerra, Pfizer, Cristiano Poian, Gilead, and Stefano Zagnoni, Janssen.

14:00 | The Digital Health Vision of ENPAM
In an iconic Fireside Chat format, Roberto Ascione and Alberto Olivieti, ENPAM Foundation, engage in a discussion about the definition of the medical profession in the #NextNormal with a focus on the ENPAM’s strategies and goals.

17:00 | Digital Health Platform Business Models
Business models for digital health platforms are tied to trends and active players in the industry. Kristin Milburn, Managing Director at Healthware Labs, will provide with an international outlook on the topic.

17:15 | Digital as a Competitive Lever
Fulvio Fortini, Managing Director Italy Healthware International, will meet with Andrea Bracci, Polifarma, to talk about change management paths, the role of digital and the company's response to the challenges posed by the #NextNormal.

17:45 | Final Thoughts
Roberto Ascione will take the stage to review the highlights of the day and messages upon which to continue reflecting and take action.

You can now access the entire conference recordings here.