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Our dedication to the growth and success of the digital health industry drives us to offer a comprehensive range of investments and consultancy services. With a focus on early-stage startups, we provide both financial and in-kind support to help these businesses thrive. Our investment strategy places us at the forefront of innovation, enabling us to actively contribute to shaping the future of digital health.

At the same time, we recognize the importance of supporting the research and development efforts of established life-sciences companies. That's why we also invest in R&D programs led by these organizations. Our unique revenue sharing arrangements allow us to both share in the risk and the potential rewards, and allows us to play a part in fostering innovation and driving progress within the wider industry.

By combining our investments in startups and established companies, we aim to support the growth and development of the digital health sector from all angles.

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20/12/2022 | BlogPost

2022 Year in Review

2022 has been another year of significant milestones for us at Healthware, made possible thanks to the continued trust and support from our clients & partners and the commitment of our great team.

2/05/2022 | BlogPost

SXSW 2022's In-Person Comeback: A Dive Into the Superpower of Sound, Improved Hospital Design, Diminished Reality and more

It was the first time back in person at SXSW post pandemic, and things were a bit more subdued than in years past, but the energy and optimism for the future was palpable.