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As the healthcare industry continues to evolve and transform due to rapidly changing technologies, our media and community offering helps provide a forum/platform for the overall ecosystem to exchange ideas, shape the market, and educate all key players therein. This includes fully owned and operated media properties, global events and educational platforms.

We believe that in order to help enable transformation across the healthcare industry, it is critical to provide a collaborative platform for thought leaders to share their views, educational opportunities to level set knowledge and ensure greater understanding and ultimately create a free flow of information to build and enhance a thriving ecosystem.



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Industry Media

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Kristin Milburn

Kristin Milburn

CMO & MD Publications, Events & Digital Health Ecosystem



4/01/2024 | BlogPost

Skills and Mindset for the Future

We as leaders of life sciences organizations must ensure that our workforce possesses the necessary skills to navigate this evolving space and create working environments that enable our employees to meet the needs of our ever-changing industry. 

2/01/2024 | BlogPost

2023 year in review

As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, it's time to reflect on the milestones, achievements, and impactful endeavors that have defined our journey in 2023.

26/04/2023 | Booklet

Download the booklet "Innovation as Strategy: Enabling life sciences of the future"

An exploration of our Innovation as Strategy mindset and way of working that drives us in supporting our clients’ businesses

20/12/2022 | BlogPost

2022 Year in Review

2022 has been another year of significant milestones for us at Healthware, made possible thanks to the continued trust and support from our clients & partners and the commitment of our great team.