Creative video & virtual hybrid events

Bringing healthcare stories to life through innovative motion-led experiences

Health audiences are bombarded with information. Our creative motion lab, SWM, cuts through the noise with audience-centric narratives delivered through video, sound and immersive virtual hybrid experiences, building compelling emotional connections that bring your stories to life.


26/04/2023 | Booklet

Download the booklet "Innovation as Strategy: Enabling life sciences of the future."

An exploration of our Innovation as Strategy mindset and way of working that drives us in supporting our clients’ businesses

20/12/2022 | BlogPost

2022 Year in Review

2022 has been another year of significant milestones for us at Healthware, made possible thanks to the continued trust and support from our clients & partners and the commitment of our great team.

1/04/2022 | Booklet

Digital Health News & Updates #2: Key Digital Health Updates You Need to Know

We are glad to share with you the second edition of the DIGITAL HEALTH NEWS & UPDATES booklet.