26/07/2019 | Point of view

Where Digital Health Is Heading in Europe


Logan Plaster, Editor in-Chief of StartUp Health Magazine, talked with our CEO & Founder, Roberto Ascione, about Europe’s health innovation movement as the ecosystem develops and how conditions have changed for the better in European countries to help early-stage health startups thrive.

Key Takeaways From This Episode
  • Europe has been able to learn from the U.S. and leapfrog over mistakes
  • Starting to see the first acquisitions
  • UK, France, Germany, Italy are sizable markets

This [r. 20 years into digital health] gives you a unique vantage point to understand the trends of digital health in Europe. So we asked you to give us your 10,000 foot view of where digital health is heading in Europe.

Read the full episode transcript or watch the interview to hear what Roberto has answered to this and all the other questions about digital health.