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What we’re expecting in 2021, and beyond…

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From telehealth to digital trials, customer engagement to healthcare data, Healthware Group outlines the key trends that are expected to shake up digital health this year.

Well, it goes without saying, COVID-19 has resulted in a rapid adoption of digital technologies across all industries, most notably in healthcare. There are several important aspects to these shifts for pharma, biotech and medical device companies, so what can we expect to see over the next 12 months and beyond?

Telehealth keeps maturing and integrates into care pathways

The adoption of telehealth, which was already accelerating pre-pandemic, has been exponentially driven by COVID-19.

Mental health worsens – digital tools continue to fill the gap

The emotional and psychological wellbeing of the world’s population has been put under tremendous strain because of the COVID-19 pandemic, exacerbating an existing global mental health epidemic.

Clinical trials get more and more digitalised

As study enrolment continues to lag drastically behind target, patient recruitment is set to rely even more on digital marketing to improve its speed and accuracy.

‘Aging in place’ becomes more commonplace

Aging in place will become more common as the baby boomer generation ages and feels more comfortable leveraging tools like remote monitoring, telehealth and disease management platforms.

The inevitable invisibility of digital health

Technology will begin to dematerialise, as has already been seen in other industries, and digital health will increasingly be woven into everyday objects.

No more ‘business as usual’ for pharma’s customer engagement

Life sciences companies need to rethink their customer engagement paradigms in light of changing customer preferences.

A growing need for digital health proficiency

While 2014 is often quoted as the first year where the majority of working healthcare professionals were digital natives, 2020 was the year when the remaining digital immigrants were forced to travel into the online world.

Integration of telehealth strategy into commercial models

Amazon is making a serious global move into healthcare delivery with the acquisition of PillPack, and its recent launch of Amazon Pharmacy.

Consolidation of digital health platforms

Digital health platforms will likely see a wave of further consolidations, with a few leading platforms starting to stake out their respective positions across the healthcare spectrum.

Services to manage and make sense of the health data explosion

We expect to see what we call Health Data as a Service (HDaS).




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