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We need the best possible digital health solutions - an interview with Henrik Matthies

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Our Sr Innovation Manager & Business Development, Anastasiya Markvarde, has met and interviewed Henrik Matthies, Managing Director of Health Innovation Hub (hih), to get some insights on the recent progressive changes in the German legislation in healthcare.

They've discussed the Digital Health Act and the ‘Fast Track’ application procedure for the digital health startups. Also, Henrik unveils the big shift in venture investment possibilities for German public health insurances - that was not widely discussed before in media.

"It's very selfish: we want the best possible healthcare in Germany. For that, we need the best possible digital health solutions"

Digital Health Startups that can now apply for statutory reimbursement in Germany. There are more than 20 companies already in the Fast Track application process and more than 70 had a consultation with BfArM – that’s usually the step before you decide whether to apply or not.

Read more about the Fast Track application and also about the International DiGA Summit in the first part of the interview here.

"Right away, public health insurance funds are becoming active shapers of healthcare: they can specifically invest into the needed digital solutions"

In the second part of the interview, Henrik Matthies gives more details on the Digital Health Act and the new possibilities for VC investments in healthcare.

Read the full interview here

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