7/05/2020 | BlogPost

Virtual medical conference insights #Covid19

Francis Namouk | CEO SMW Agency


As more medical conferences continue to go virtual in 2020, it’s important to emphasise that virtual conferences are not a direct replacement for the in-person experience.

We need to embrace the advantages that digital formats offer, and adapt the content accordingly.

Abstracts and symposia presentations are being submitted in video formats and pre-recording them is fundamental to ensuring quality of delivery and audience engagement. Keeping your videos short and succinct will retain your audience’s attention.

Sponsors can also embrace pre-recorded video to raise their corporate visibility during the conference, by supporting certain topics and categories, as well as produce their own videos for their virtual booths.

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Francis Namouk

Francis is a digital video content strategist and entrepreneur. He has a passion for storytelling, interactive experiences, and ultimately customer engagement. He has over 15 years of professional experience in digital comms within the life science and consumer health sectors. Francis holds an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design, in NYC.