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Valio and Make Helsinki (now part of Healthware Group) inspire bakers with augmented reality

Therese Elg | Marketing & Communications Director Nordics & Baltics, Healthware International


The coronavirus pandemic has made baking and cooking significantly more popular. At the same time, functioning Internet connections have become vital, and society has taken a digital leap.

Baking and cooking enthusiast live in a digital world now, and we want to inspire them through augmented reality. We are bringing an Augmented Reality Experience to Valio’s baking products, which will let you check out recipes with Valio’s products even while you’re shopping.

"Food has long been one of the most popular content genres online and in social media, and our latest trend review shows that digital life will continue to influence our relationships with food and food brands. Being an exceptional year, 2020 got a great deal of first-time home chefs and bakers to take up arms at the pots and pans. We are combining baking and augmented reality, because we want to help people make themselves and each other happy with home-made pastries. That will be even easier now", says Valio’s Head of Content Marketing Aino Laakso.

Valio’s flavoured baking product have a highlighted AR code and instructions for using the augmented reality content. The AR Experience will suggest three trendy and attractive recipes for each product.

"Augmented reality can be a part of your inspiration and a practical piece of help that we can give to beginners and more experienced home bakers. AR gives us a completely new way to provide bakers some additional value that’s attached to the product – we are no longer limited to the printed package. Of course, all the recipes are on the recipe section of valio.fi, but we thought it would be good to highlight a few from the many. After all, we have as many as 1,500 bakery and dessert recipes on our website. And the number keeps on going up", says Aino Laakso.

What can I make from this – how it works

The AR experience will first be available in Valio’s flavoured bakery quarks, and over the spring, it will be introduced to other flavoured bakery products, such as chocolate and caramel cream. Valio is launching a new type of bakery product in May, which will also come with its AR experience. This content is updated often, as baking is very much holiday focused and seasonal.

"It is worth checking out the AR recipes again, and you should do it in the store, so that you can buy all the ingredients you need right away. Using this is very easy, you don’t need to install anything. Just open your smartphone’s web browser", says Aino Laakso.

Make Helsinki implemented the content on the Telia’s platform. The implementation started from ease and clarity of use, attractive visuals, and being easy to update.

"Make Helsinki did excellent work. Curved packages were a challenge that needed to be solved for the solution work well. We can update the content in-house with an editor that Make Helsinki tailored for our ease of use", says Aino Laakso.

New opportunities through augmented reality

Pioneering companies rely on new technology, and virtual and augmented reality solutions are predicted to bring entirely new solutions and opportunities to particularly retail applications. 5G networks are also becoming a reality, which will make real-time AR experiences possible without any delays.

"Augmented reality can give a physical product or service a digital level that can add significantly to its interactivity and create additional value. Digital solutions for cooking, as with Valio, as a great example of this, and we are sure to see more of the same in Finland. 5G networks will eliminate delays in augmented reality, making them quick to use. Network delays are especially problem for smart glasses, which are becoming more common", says Janne Timonen, Senior Business Manager at Telia.

Make Helsinki has been working for years with Augmented and Virtual Reality.

"It’s very nice to get our first AR by Telia experience out to the markets. We are looking forward to continue developing new projects in this area", says Petteri Kolehmainen, Managing Director, Nordics & Baltics at Healthware International.

Make Helsinki is currently in the final stage of merging into Healthware International, part of Healthware Group.

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