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The rise and rise of digital health investment

Roberto Ascione | CEO


From remote consultations to digital treatments, medical robotics to wellness apps, the digital health ecosystem is expanding like never before.

In addition to revolutionising treatment possibilities for patients, the sector is connecting pharmaceutical big companies, digital health start-ups, research institutions, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders.

The networking and cross-fertilisation of ideas among the ecosystem’s various players allows us to combine experiences and knowledge from a worldwide community of healthcare innovators, one that we are proud to belong.

Together we are working towards a single goal – to prevent disease, nurture health and encourage a lasting culture of wellness, and underpinning these efforts are the crucial contribution made by investors.

As healthcare moves ever-more fully into the digital age, the ability for new ideas and innovations to be financed is key to generating value in health, and in business.

“Whichever way you look at it, 2018 was a record year for life science and healthcare companies, from digital health to the more traditional.”

So, the buoyancy of the current digital health investment climate and levels of M&A activity in the sector is to be celebrated.

Digital health investments

This hasn’t just suddenly happened. Even last year the vitality of the health innovation ecosystem was clear, with data from Startup Health showing digital health being supported by $14.6 billion of venture capital funding. The online community says that made 2018 the “most-funded year” since it began tracking the market in 2010, likely reaching a plateau level as observed in the last part of the year, which is expected to be sustained over the upcoming few years.

Driving this phenomenal growth of interest in the sector are digital therapeutics and other treatments, healthcare applications of artificial Intelligence and machine learning, and a general lowering of barriers between humans and machines.

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Roberto Ascione

Roberto is a serial entrepreneur and global thought leader in digital health. With 20 years of experience he has been focusing on marketing and communications, business transformation and innovation in health and wellness.

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