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The challenge of recruiting subjects to clinical studies and its remedy

Therese Elg | Marketing & Communications Director Nordics & Baltics, Healthware International


In a webinar held on 16 May, Petteri Kolehmainen, senior member of Healthware Group, discussed trends and solutions offered to various companies in the difficult task of recruiting patients for clinical trials.

We also heard from Anssi Mäkiniemi, Head of X Lab at Orion Corporation, on the results of three different studies leveraging CliniScout Recruit - a Healthware solution dedicated to recruitment and data collection for clinical trials.

Why CliniScout Recruit

The majority of pharma companies struggle with recruiting subjects for clinical studies. This can lead to a delay of 1 to 6 months, resulting in costly trials that fail 11% of cases[1].

Petteri introduced the audience to CliniScout Recruit – a digital solution to support recruiting in existing or new clinical trials.

Our flexible solution has been used in human studies, animal health studies and virtual clinical trials. The results from the studies have been great and have led to a growing number of studies. In some studies there have been more than 20 patients recruited per day.

"The many clinical study recruitment projects we’ve conducted with Orion have really given us evidence how well the CliniScout platform can work. It was great to see the results of some of these studies presented by Anssi, a big thanks for him joining us in the webinar."

Case studies from Orion Corporation

Anssi Mäkiniemi, Head of X Lab at Orion, presented the results from two animal health studies and one human study done with CliniScout Recruit. The studies have different recruitment graphs and Anssi presented the method used, the different advertising channels they chose for these studies, pre-screening questionnaires, and the results of expected and actual enrollment.

"Digital tools, like CliniScout Recruit, are very effective addition to your toolbox for your recruitment"

Main take-aways from Anssi:

  • The importance of understanding legislation in different countries
  • Plan your digital recruitment activities properly
  • Digital recruitment can be very, very effective
  • Be bold!
  • Use all possibilities digital recruitment has to offer

Enjoy the video below and if you have questions, want more information or are looking to hear more about our solution CliniScout Recruit, please do not hesitate to contact us.


[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7342338/

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