1/06/2022 | BlogPost

Recruiting subjects to clinical studies fast with Healthware’s digital solution CliniScout Recruit

Therese Elg | Marketing & Communications Director Nordics & Baltics, Healthware International


Finding subjects for clinical studies can be challenging. Actually, the majority of clinical studies struggle with the difficult task of finding and recruiting subjects, leading to delays. The fact is that many clinical studies fail to recruit a single patient. These struggles and delays in studies can result in very high costs for pharmaceutical companies.

Healthware has developed a digital solution, CliniScout Recruit, to remedy this challenge. It has helped companies with different studies, from animal health to human studies to virtual clinical trials. And the results have been great! One of our customers, Orion Pharma, mentions how using CliniScout Recruit significantly reduced the costs of recruiting, while drastically speeding up the process.

CliniScout Recruit has successfully been used in various clinical studies in many EMA (European Medicines Agency) countries.

We’ll be happy to discuss more about the benefits of using Healthware’s digital solution in your specific case, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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Therese Elg

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