8/03/2018 | Point of view

Programmatic Media: A Win-Win Proposition for Pharma

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Programmatic media buying is on the rise across all industries — even in pharmaceutical marketing, which has been slower to adopt this type of buying.

In this POV, Tina Breithaupt, Tricia Savio and Sarah Morgan - from Intouch Solutions - discuss what programmatic is, one way it’s now easier to understand, the benefits it can bring to campaigns, and why pharma marketers should be including it within their media plans.

When programmatic is executed properly, it can be a great complement to a media plan, bringing targeted scale and opportunities to maximize cross-device, sequential messaging, and a more holistic approach to execution. (Tricia Savio)

Intouch has found that alignment with data science and analytics adds to our strategic toolset. We can create and deploy a strategic campaign that can be managed in a circular fashion, putting insights back into the planning and buying part of the process for in-campaign optimization. (Tina Breithaupt)

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