22/04/2020 | Point of view

POV: Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Its Effect on Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales

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With the rapid onset of coronavirus in the United States, many pharma companies are being forced to prepare for a scenario in which their reps cannot visit providers and patients are limited in their ability to visit their healthcare professionals (HCP). The CDC has gone as far as recommending the use of telemedicine and patient portals as primary channels for HCPs and patients to interact. Unique challenges now exist, but there are also opportunities to help adjust to the changes in healthcare marketing and sales that COVID-19 is causing.

This POV, realized by our Intouch Group partner, will address those challenges and also elaborate on the opportunities pharma marketers have to help their healthcare customers, as well as patients, and build relationships with both audiences for the future, once this health crisis has passed.

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