29/09/2021 | BlogPost

One Year of DiGA Fast-Track in Germany.

Anastasiya Markvarde | Sr Innovation Manager and Business Development, Healthware Labs


"Digital health is happening and here to stay".

An interview by Anastasiya Markvarde, Sr Innovation Manager & Business Development at Healthware Labs, with Henrik Matthies, Managing Director of health innovation hub (hih).

Led by Henrik health innovation hub is a Federal Ministry of Health think-tank which, among other projects, is coordinating the work on the famous Digital Healthcare Act (DVG) adapted in 2019 in Germany. One of the Act’s most discussed implications is the DiGA Fast-Track process that allows digital health applications to be approved for statutory reimbursement and available by prescription.

In this way, digital health startups that successfully go through the DiGA process get an opportunity to access the market of 75 million people who are enrolled across 105 public health insurance companies in Germany (read about DVG and DiGA in more detail here – editorial note).

Today we are looking at the first results and discussing further plans.

Read the full article at www.digitalhealthglobal.com

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