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Next-gen Go to Market: Exploring the pathway to Modern Marketing Readiness at #FH19

Ariel Salmang | Partner, Managing Director Intouch International


Frontiers Health is a gathering of digital health innovators designed to inspire, motivate and create new conversations around the future of healthcare transformation. The fourth annual conference was held November 13th-15th in Berlin and co-hosted by Healthware CEO and Frontiers Chairman Roberto Ascione, one of the originators of the event.

We were honoured to be a part of the conference again this year, by presenting our perspective on how HLS organizations can move along the path to modern marketing maturity. Modern marketing is a new approach to healthcare marketing, providing brands with the opportunity to influence customers with personal experiences that demonstrate an understanding of and caring for their personal needs. Co-presenting the workshop were David Windhausen, EVP and President of Intouch B2D and Ariel Salmang, Managing Director of Intouch International.

During the interactive workshop, attendees had the opportunity to honestly and anonymously assess their organisations’ current marketing health and readiness and to map a pathway to their own modern marketing maturity. Jointly, we explored the three main pillars of modern marketing and the opportunities arising from embracing them:

  • Data drives insights
  • Customer experience creates value
  • Application of technology brings experience to life

These three tenets empower life sciences organisations in their quest to successfully navigate the ever-changing landscape of healthcare marketing. They provide the tools for anticipating change, brought about by increased competition (even from the likes of Amazon and Google), and to scale for new product launch and support, customer expectations, and technology advancement.


How is this assessed?

Being data-driven means leveraging data to tell us exactly who our customers are as individuals. Data guides us in creating a pathway for our customers, which promotes relevance and value. Our customers become empowered with control of their own experiences, through our use of data to stay in touch with who they are and predict what they need next. And data is what allows us to learn, grow and optimise our customer experiences over time, to deliver impact for our brands.

In this age of Modern Marketing, customers expect more from our brands. Stellar customer experience is created by delivering on the promise of content and services being relevant to customers’ personal needs in a manner, which is both valuable and meaningful.

Applied technology is much more than just software and hardware. Our technology drives how we think about and create content, how we manage regulatory compliance, how we establish standards to promote quality and efficiency, how we create governance and drive adoption, and how we ultimately manage change. This is the foundation we need to grow at the speed of our customers' expectations.

Lastly, self-assessment is critical. The first step in understanding, where we need to go, is to understand, where we are right now. Following this continuous cycle of looking back and reassessing actions and outcomes, is the key to evolution along the Modern Marketing maturity path.

As you think about your organisation, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How do you assess your organisation’s level of maturity and readiness within each of the three pillars of Modern Marketing?
  • How do you understand where your organisation is on the pathway to embracing the opportunity of Modern Marketing for your brands?

Embracing the opportunities, provided by the concepts of Modern Marketing, is a crucial aspect of ensuring your brands are delivering value to your customers. Understanding where we are is the first step in knowing, what we should do next.

We’d love to help you create a customised pathway for your organisation and can start by hosting an internal workshop for your brands to assess their own readiness.

Book your session now and receive our Modern Marketing Readiness infographic as a thought starter for your team.

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Ariel Salmang

Ariel has over 20 years of providing digital strategies and implementation across multiple industries, from media and FMCG to telecommunications and healthcare, where he has spent the last 10 years focusing on the digital evolution of pharma companies and the creation of impactful digital brand and sales drivers. A cross-industry forward thinker, he considers himself a "constructive disruptor" and enjoys living the global commute in search of great ideas, smart solutions, and great coffee.