9/07/2020 | Point of view

Marketing for life science companies – drivers of change

Ferdinando Scala | Strategy Director, Healthware International


Healthcare’s digital revolution has been transformed into a digital evolution over the last decade

And, having redefined the way healthcare operates, it continues to refine the provision of care and information.

Consequently, the life science industry has, as a whole, years’ experience of integrating digital tools and services in its own operations, with many standards and approaches firmly in place and a certain degree of digitisation present in all companies.

But ‘digital’ in itself is no longer a way for the industry to show its innovativeness and gain a competitive advantage – it should be considered as a pre-condition for staying relevant on a transformed market.

During the same period that digital has taken hold across healthcare, doctors and patients have been integrating digital tools into their day-to-day lives to the extent that now a certain degree of digital is to be found everywhere.

This ongoing digital evolution has important considerations for life science marketing, not least from doctors’ and patients’ raised expectations. People expect pharma companies to be like all the other companies they engage with online. That means real-time assistance at their own convenience.

To meet these expectations, pharma and other life science companies need to redefine their vision and long-term mission of providing relevant, pre-emptive, personalised health products and support services.

“It’s clear that traditional interruption marketing should be a thing of the past… The adversarial physician-industry relationship needs to be reformulated on more collaborative terms”


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Ferdinando Scala

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