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Key messages from Frontiers Health 2021

Roberto Ascione | CEO Healthware Group and President Healthware Ventures


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Friday, we closed the 2021 edition of Frontiers Health global conference, the first fully hybrid!

First, has been very special to reconnect, in real life, with many of you and see our community of Health Innovators emerging from the pandemic more committed than ever to change health one innovation at a time.

My take homes are:

1 – Telehealth is here to stay, catapulted forward as a pandemic-driven emergency response to fully horizontally and vertically integrated solutions enabling data-driven and data-rich remote interactions, empowering doctors to efficiently interact with patients on their own terms and at a location of their choice.

2 – Prevention and disease reversal is showing an ROI proving that creating person-centered solutions can work but more work with payors and regulators to align the corresponding incentives and frameworks is required

3 – Digital Therapies are a growing reality, but in order to drive further adoption, the ecosystem needs to foster greater awareness, education of prescribing physicians, appropriate reimbursements and continuous scientific rigor and validation underpinned by national health system adoptions around the world.

4 – Balance between combining point solutions vs. fully integrated platform solutions and weighing that with personalized approaches to health will need to find its new equilibrium as M&A and investments continue to grow.

5 – Leverage the opportunity to scale thanks to the funding environment to ensure more impact on society and patients specifically - things that are great for humankind, does actually make profitable businesses.

6 – Building unicorns in health takes dedication and perseverance

7 – While still early on the journey, early data showing human's ability to form bonds and relationships with robots

Many thanks to all our sponsors, speakers and presenters and all of you participating both in-presence and remotely, Frontiers Health is truly made possible by the commitment of the digital health ecosystem.

Thanks to the Steering Committee members: Marc Sluijs, Antonio Estrella, Eugene Borukhovich, Monique Levy, Megan Coder, Paul Tunnah, Min-Sung Sean Kim, Fredrik Debong for both great content and connections.

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to the Team behind the magic: Antonietta Pannella, providing for the overall conference direction, Luigi Pavia, leading the ecosystem engagement, Giovanna D'Urso, a true wizard juggling between on-site and remote speakers, multiple parallel sessions and more, Sara Scarpinati, curating real time social and content, Alfredo De Simone, the creative director, Anastasiya Markvarde, helping with sessions curation, Elena Pirofalo, helping throughout and with main stage content and, last but not least, the many others supporting from behind the scenes at Healthware Group.

Frontiers Health 2021

Roberto Ascione

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