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Join us at Frontiers Health 2018, where great things are going to happen!

Luigi Pavia | Ecosystem Engagement & Dev., Frontiers Health


We are proud to belong to a community of passionate professionals and partners.

We can’t do what we do without you; your point of view, your background and experience, are of immense value to us.

So let’s get together.

For the third year running, the Frontiers Health conference will take place at the iconic Funkhaus Berlin. Previously the headquarters of the German Democratic Republic's state radio, it’s an historic venue for a cutting edge conference.

If you, like us, are committed to building an inclusive, bright, human and healthy future, one that utilizes the very best that technology has to offer, join us on November 15-16. We promise you’ll have fun!




Frontiers Health is one of the premier events in digital health innovation. It’s strongly focused on digital therapies, breakthrough technologies such as AI, business model transformation, leadership, change management, investments, and ecosystem development.

Between start-ups, investors, a broad range of industry front-runners and ecosystem activators, the conference will gather 500 of the sharpest minds in our field.

This year there’ll be more than 100 start-ups to meet and exchange ideas with. It’s a truly global event – you’ll meet the very best in digital health; not just from Europe, but also the US and around the world.

Key global players including Digital Therapeutics Alliance and HealthXL will host breakout sessions that’ll allow for a unique and penetrating look into the digital health scene.

The Discovery sessions will featuring 20 hand-picked companies. The Health Transformers Showcase by StartUp Health, and Bayer G4A, will highlight the very latest from all the top incubation programmes, including Startupbootcamp and Vertical.

You’ll also hear from game-changers such as Voluntis, Your.MD, Headspace, Medopad, Akili and Proteus Digital Health.

Frontiers Health will offer plenty of opportunities to learn and experience innovation first-hand through workshops and masterclasses, such as Disruptive digital business models for the health insurance industry, Explainable AI and Autonomous Agents in healthcare and Blockchains, between hype and promising applications.

Bespoke panels such as ‘Digital Health, opportunities for large investors’, ‘Digital Health for the Developing World’ and ‘The future of pharma in a digital world’ will explore the exciting untapped potential of the growing digital health ecosystem.

Each one of us is at the core of a disruptive health revolution!


We’d love you to join our family of Health Innovators, so don’t miss out. Register now


Want to learn more? Visit the Frontiers Health blog and video portal.

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Luigi Pavia

Luigi is a Passionate Facilitator and networker for SMEs on innovation approaches, strategies and partnership building, has taken part of European projects (FP7; H2020; COSME; 3rd Health Programme)  and he is also a Digital health copywriter (blog/social media).