22/07/2020 | BlogPost

Introducing newnormal.health

Roberto Ascione | CEO Healthware Group and President Healthware Ventures


Dear Friends and Partners,

The unique conditions that the pandemic and associated lockdowns generated have acted as a catalyst, accelerating digital transformation across all companies.

Thanks to our long-lasting commitment to digital health, we were pleased to find ourselves ready to support our partners with innovative ideas and technological solutions since almost the very beginning of this global challenge.

Back in February, demonstrating our commitment to helping, we created a Strategic Response Framework for our clients and partners. This first provided support with remote and business continuity strategies to safeguard already planned initiatives in the short term, followed by more medium term solutions to replace medical conferences and support field teams trying to keep in touch with physicians.

Since then, we have been continuing to work closely with health institutions and start-ups within our portfolio to support the delivery of novel health services as new needs arise.

It feels like only yesterday that we broadcast the first webinar “10 Years in 10 Days” followed by many more initiatives. We are very thankful to all of you for the amazing feedback received so far.

As many of these changes and learnings seem here to stay, today I am very proud to introduce newnormal.health, a new online resource that aggregates information and analysis on how to respond to the huge changes COVID-19 has wrought across the life sciences industry, and healthcare in general.

The site offers content from Healthware and our partners, and covers many key areas such as customer engagement, digital health, digital transformation, trends and perspectives on future scenarios for the industry and more. These include looking at how AI can help fight COVID-19, the ascent of telemedicine, drivers of change within pharmaceutical marketing and future roles for digital therapeutics.

Newnormal.health will be constantly updated including the upcoming ‘New Normal Talks’, which will feature 1:1 virtual fireside chats between experts from all sides of the healthcare ecosystem.

I believe that the ‘new normal’ is a seismic shift for the life sciences industry and requires a transformation of how we conceive of a healthcare system that’s far broader than just an app or other piece of technology. We need to be thinking about how people, processes and policies need to profoundly change.

Take a moment to visit newnormal.health and keep an eye on new content, we will be looking forward to your comments and feedback to constantly improve this resource.

Stay safe, stay focused.


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Roberto Ascione

Roberto is a pioneer in digital health and a recognized thought leader, people-inspiring founder, serial entrepreneur and global manager. With more than 20 years of experience he has been focusing on marketing and communications, business transformation and innovation in health and wellness.

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