30/03/2020 | BlogPost

In Italy, we are doing 10 years of digital health evolution in 10 days

Roberto Ascione | CEO Healthware Group and President Healthware Ventures


In Italy, with lockdown proving to be effective, the most strategic usage of digital health solutions is the remote management of patients at home. These solutions will provide for a safe tool to manage positive patients but also the many others likely infected but not tested which are estimated in a ratio between 1/5 and 1/10 (infected confirmed by a positive test / likely infected based on symptoms but non-tested) and in need to stay home while still being monitored and assisted as needed.

The Italian start-up Paginemediche has released a specific self-triage plus video consultation service and a tool for patients to remotely track symptoms and key parameters feeding a dashboard for the GP in charge. After two weeks from launch over 1200 physicians have registered, over 900 video consultations provided and the first 160+ Covid-19 patients have been enrolled in the remote monitoring (both growing 50% dayly).These are extremely significant numbers proving strong adoption. At Healthware Group we're committed to keep supporting this Team and help to expand access to both physicians and patients.

I discussed this and more with Jessica DaMassa of WTF Health - in the video below:

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