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How Helpful Can Mentorship for Digital Health Startups Be? Nordic Ecosystem Has the Answer

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The evolution of startup development instruments on the example of the Nordic digital health ecosystem.

Mentorship is considered essential for the growth of startups in any field. However, we are used to think of mentorship as something ad lib and opposed to the structured program of an accelerator with its x number of batches per year. In addition, healthcare industry is very demanding and business cycles for startups are long due to the necessity to comply with healthcare policies and regulations. All this makes it not so easy for a digital health startup to benefit from occasional mentorship.

One of the alternatives to make mentorship really work could be the MIT mentoring model based on several principles:

  • Long-term mentorship on a regular basis
  • Group mentoring when 2-4 mentors with complementary backgrounds are working with one startup at the same time
  • Top-class mentors are working on a pro-bono basis.

Thus, the model is focusing on a structured and effective mentoring throughout a continuous period of time.

The Digital Health Global Blog decided to take a closer look at the effectiveness of the MIT model in practice. The Nordic digital health ecosystem is a very representative example for our investigation because of the global prominence of the Northern Europe’s healthcare and the existence of the Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship (NOME). NOME, a top-class mentorship initiative for life science startups, is built on MIT mentoring model.

Anastasiya Markvarde, our Sr Innovation Manager & Business Development, interviewed several players – a science park, a startup and an accelerator – in order to find out about the strong mentorship institute and learning more about the ecosystem itself along the way. All heroes of the interview are taking part in the NOME.

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